March 31, 2010


as of right now, that's how many hits the ladies g and b have got on the telephone telenovela.

that's 50,000 more since this morning alone.

go go gadget gaga!!!

fave parts:

1. sunglasses made from burning cigarettes
2. the shimmy shimmy shake when she gets bailed out of jail
3. multilingual captions

and so much more.

March 26, 2010

mail order bride anyone?

we can all appreciate some good spam. here's a good one via skype, just in time for the weekend:

dreamsy002 says: European and American women are too arrogant for you? Are you looking for a sweet lady that will be caring and understanding? Then you came to the right place- here you can find a Russian lady that will love you with all her heart. Can't find a queen to rule your heart? How about beautiful Russian ladies that have royal blood and royal look? Here you can find hundreds of portfolios of these fine women of any age for every taste. Please excuse us if you are not interested.
Beautiful Russian ladies -

spammers with manners!

you should be ashamed you cold arrogant american ladies. at least your men have somewhere to turn now.

March 22, 2010

the sea is just a wetter version of the skies

currently listening/loving:

love regina spektor for many songs/reasons, this being one of them. anyone who busts out in dolphin sounds in the middle of a song and sounds pretty is pretty awesome in my book.

also, if you're in the nyc area, she's playing a benefit concert tomorrow at irving plaza. and if you're really awesome, could you give me a ticket please?

March 18, 2010

top of the ginger to ya

as most of you know, yesterday was st. patty's day, which is celebrated in the US by searching for shamrock shakes and puking up green beer by 4 pm.

for most, the couleur du jour is green, but this year i celebrated a different color, red, as in, all the irish gingers out there! although my irish heritage left me looking more like a viking with freckles, let's pause for a moment to give a shout out to all the redheads among us, only 1-2% of the population. they often get a lot of flack, but i'm scared of their fiery tempers so this is pure <3. (anyone else see patti call that woman a fire crotch bitch on millionaire matchmaker?!)

personally, the first time i remember laughing at the word ginger was my first trip to europe as a teenager, when an old british lady asked me if i had visited ginger yet. i had not, but she told me to give gingy a kiss, as they affectionately call him.

another personal connection is our own keelay, who is my favorite ginger kid of all time. he wasn't discouraged by those recessive genes on chromosome 16, he embraced them as his child modeling career exploded in the pacific northwest. here's an early shot, but he is still as fine as ever. hands off ladies and gentlemen, he's taken!
probably my favorite famous red head right now is cristina hendricks, from my other obsession, mad men. she has to be one of the fiercest beasts out there. (she's the one the nytimes doctored a photo of to call fat. we in high school nyt?) props to her for working it 24/7/365.

the girl in this video really reminds me of her, but i love this quirky stop motion video, lost things, music by a fine frenzy.

so people, stop hating on the redheads, and give your local ginger some love.

March 15, 2010

a miniature nyc treat

because sometimes...

we love new york
we feel so small
music can perfectly capture a mood
we are all voyeurs

and because long into the future, far far away, this might bring a nostalgic tear to our eyes

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

March 4, 2010

cuteness overload alert

normally i despise my job, reading medical files all day about patient X who died of obesity or patient Y who died from a weird rash complication from a clinical trial sucks! like, really sucks! high points of my day are reading divorce settlements or transcripts of some coyotes threatening to kill some guatemalans they brought over the border. (what has my life become?)

in any case, a reprieve today. thank you french encyclopedia people for sending me an entry on african desert animals. (ok, again, what has my life become that i am thrilled to be reading a french encyclopedia?) but NEWAYZ i saw the cutest thing in the world because it's illustrated.

the fennec fox:if you aren't squealing right now, we probably can't be friends. these babies have built in air conditioners in their ears!

they are the only foxes that can be legit house pets. i have to check out spain's laws for exotic pets because i'm bringing me home one of these nocturnal bundles of joy or, crossing the strait of gibraltar personally and smuggling him back. se llama pedro.

they have now knocked down sugar gliders as my new favorite noctural animal that i want adopt. sorry hypothetical sugar glider i wanted named scrat.

the end is built into the beginning.

when someone close to you strongly insists watching a movie like "synecdoche, new york" because it reminds them of you, it's hard not to walk away thinking WTF. okay, well regardless if that was how you heard of it or not, you'd probs still turn off the tv/dvd player/blue ray/projector/boot leg chinatown disc thinking "wait, what the hell just happened?" it's just one of those kind of movies that comes from the psyche of charlie kaufman (hello? "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" or "being john malkovich" ring a bell? [o hai john cusack u so fine]) that requires a few days to process and reflect upon.

obsessed with reality vs. living inside your head, death in all forms, and human disconnect, kaufman comes through once again with making little, but complete sense, in synecdoche (which, for the record, is NOT pronounced sink-a-douche as it was pointed out to yours truly in an organic grocery store in san francisco). my fave philip seymore hoffman, who for some reason i always find strangely attractive, plays small town theatre director caden cotard in upstate new york. after his wife leaves him to get a little *~* in berlin, he begins directing a massive theatre piece as a final attempt to do something important. the whole movie gets lost as the play moves within a play moves within a play inside an enormous theatre inside manhattan and all of the characters start acting out one another. confused yet? yeah, so am i.

while "synecdoche, new york" is horribly depressing, there's something raw and refreshing buried beneath all that epic sadness. at the end, a narrator tells us:

"What was once before you - an exciting, mysterious future - is now behind you. Lived; understood; disappointing. You realize you are not special. You have struggled into existence, and are now slipping silently out of it. This is everyone's experience. Every single one. The specifics hardly matter. Everyone is everyone."

maybe it's the collective human experience of trying to do something with what we have, despite how difficult all of this can be, is the uplifting message. we get up, go on, and even though we know it will be over for all of us in the end and our mark on the world will truly be nothing after the blip of our existence finishes, there remains a hope that we will be different and it is our choice how we play out our story.

shit, i need to take another hit off my bong and think about this some more.